Partner with us and Transition from being at work all the time to not working at all.

Spend more time doing what you love and with those you love the most.

  • As a Q SAFETY PRO Reseller/Affiliate: You resell access to unlimited Q Safety PRO portals with custom logo and keep 30% of each Q Safety PRO monthly or yearly payment for each active subscription. Up to 50% for established reseller/affiliates.
  • Our reseller program gives you an affiliate Q Safety PRO portal with your logo or ours that you can share with anyone. Any company or individual that signs up on your affiliate portal; you will be able to track in the referral section of your portal.
  • Receive a recurring 30% of each monthly or yearly active subscription on your site. So if you have 50, 100, 200, etc. active subscriptions; You get paid for each active subscription. Payments issued via PayPal or check.
  • Our reseller program is perfect for any individual looking for a career, safety technicians, safety pros, SSHO's, site safety people, safety consultants and trainers. Sell access to all your subcontractors on the project, or to anyone you want, etc.
  • Do not stay stuck on the job or on the road. Work from home or not at all and spend time doing what you love.
  • Combine our reseller program with our Train the Trainer or NCCER and run everything from your affiliate Q Safety PRO portal.
  • VIP Level, Optional: Pre-purchase at a discount, Q Safety PRO portal accesses with custom logo and charge your price to your clients and keep 100% Example: Sell access for $3k-50k a year or $1k-10k a month and keep 100%

Q SAFETY PRO Reseller/Affiliates enjoy the following:

  • Recurring Monthly or Annual Income! (For each active subscription.)
  • Mentoring and Business Coaching
  • Work from Home / Early Retirement Transition Plan
  • Affiliate Q Safety PRO Portal with your logo or ours
  • Option to Stay incognito, nobody needs to know you are making money. ;)
  • Make money on Auto-pilot for each subscription made by anyone on your affiliate portal
  • Use your Affiliate Q Safety PRO Portal with your logo to run your safety business if you wish at no extra cost

Who are you?

  • An individual looking for a business opportunity
  • An individual looking for a safety career
  • A safety trainer or safety manager looking for recurring income
  • A site safety coordinator or SSHO looking to offer subcontractors a easy safety solution

Why are we better?

  • On-going Mentoring (All year long)
  • Online Trainer Platform
  • Issue QR Code Training Badges for your students
  • Online Training Tracker Database (So you can track all your training)
  • Get additional TTT programs at a discount (Retail price does not apply to existing trainers)
  • NCCER Sponsorship (Start your own NCCER training center)

How do I get started?

  • Step 1, Sign up!
  • Step 2, We turn on your reseller/affiliate access in your affiliate Q Safety PRO portal within a few hours.
  • Step 3, Share your affiliate portal with anyone (Share on social media, text, email, connect to your website, etc.)
  • Step 4, Relax and see your recurring income grow as they sign up and subscribe on your affiliate portal

*Terms of use and restrictions apply.