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1. Do I need a membership to use Q Safety Training services?

No. You dont need a membership, but why miss out on member only pricing and crazy member only deals!

2. If I sign up as a member, can I send all my employees to be trained for free?

Yes. 6 days a week. Our membership offers a list of free safety training classes that employees can take at our office with our instructors or online.

3. As a member do I receive a Learning Management System to track all employee training?

Yes. Your membership includes our cloud based Learning Management System (SAAS). You can enroll, train and track employee training. The Q Safety LMS system is free to members. Free and paid courses available.

4. As a member do I receive help from experienced safety consultants?

Yes. Your membership includes safety consultation and ISNetworld(r) help. Our experienced, board certified safety consultants are experts in their field. Get help with safety questions, how to manage your safety program, what courses your employees need to take and many more safety management issues.

Q Safety Consultants LLC is in no way endorsed, sponsored, approved by, or otherwise affiliated with ISNetworld®.