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$166 a month w/ NCCER

*Includes NCCER CSSO, CSSS & CSST + 100 Online Certifications you can achieve.

*Terms of use and restrictions apply. Online ITP students can take courses only online. *NCCER option requires 1 day of hands-on at our office.*Graduate in 2 weeks or at your pace.


NCCER Accredited Training Sponsor and Assessment Center

Take your NCCER Computer/Written Assessments with us! All Trades.

Today’s construction and oil & gas industry craft professional must be competent in both the knowledge and hands-on skills associated with their craft. This is critically important, especially when placed in the context of craft or journey-level certification.
To ensure clarity and the long-term integrity and credibility of NCCER credentials, we are modifying our certification terminology to more accurately reflect this fundamental premise of a certified craft professional – that certified indicates a journey-level minimum competency reached through knowledge and performance. As such, NCCER's “Certified Plus” credential is being renamed “Certified.”

Knowledge Verified + Performance Verified = Certified
It is important to understand that this is only a change in terminology. The written assessments and performance verifications craft professionals must pass to obtain this credential have not changed. As always, an NCCER credentialed craft professional's training will continue to be verifiable through the NCCER Registry System using his or her NCCER wallet card ID number.

NCCER Safety Technician Program CSSO, CSSS & CSST

Those who successfully complete a prescribed set of modules from the NCCER safety curricula receive a certificate, transcript and wallet card with NCCER’s three safety training designations. These designations are:

  • Construction Site Safety Orientation (CSSO)
  • Construction Site Safety Supervisor (CSSS)
  • Construction Site Safety Technician (CSST)

To be granted any of these NCCER safety training credentials, candidates must complete the selection of modules outlined in the Construction Site Safety Program Information guide.

Besides the construction industry this program is also recognized in the general industry in such areas as refineries, pipeline, and oil & gas operations.

*Class can be in-person, online or virtual on ZOOM. *One day of hands-on required at our facility.

NCCER continually reviews its certification procedures to ensure that its credentials reflect an individual’s knowledge and skills and align with industry standards. As a result of this review, NCCER must periodically implement changes to ensure the expectations of the industry are met, and appropriate outcomes are achieved. Effective January 13, 2020, individuals who have passed both an NCCER written assessment and the associated Performance Verification (PV) will be recognized as Certified. Previously, the Certified credential was designated as Certified Plus — the removal of the “Plus” from the name of the certification is the only change. The requirements and the value of the certification remain the same.
As always, the NCCER Registry will reflect an individual’s current credentials. Effective January 13, 2020, the Registry will be updated to reflect the above change in the name by which we refer to our certifications. After that date, all individuals who pass an NCCER written assessment and the associated PV for a craft will be referred to as Certified.