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Online Safety Training


  • 100% Online Self Paced
  • Virtual Training via ZOOM
  • Corporate Training / Bulk Enrollment
  • Per Employee or Monthly Rate
  • Hybrid /Blended Training
  • Purchase Enrollment Codes
  • Optional Free Manager Access
  • Assign Training or View Progress
  • English or Spanish Training Options
  • Online 24/7 or Virtual with Instructor Access
  • Group rates available

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Can I do MSHA Training online?

Yes, MSHA allows self paced online training for part 46 accessible 24/7 or a virtual class with a set schedule for part 48 via ZOOM with a webcam. For Classroom or Virtual MSHA training see our calendar to schedule. Get a quote here.

Do I get a 5000-23 certificate at the end of the course?

Yes, Our instructors will send you a MSHA 5000-23 certification after you complete your MSHA training for Classroom, Online or Virtual MSHA training.

No matter what option I choose, Do I still get the same 5000-23 certificate?

Yes, no matter if its online, classroom or virtual we give you the correct 5000-23 certificate.

Can we do group MSHA training online?

Yes, we can do any of our MSHA online, or virtual courses for your group. Your group can do it online together with a group login or do it individually at different times and from different locations with their own unique login.

As an individual or company can I get 100+ certifications on a low cost payment plan?

Yes, we have monthly payment plans for individuals and companies. We can combine online training bundles, certifications, services and QR code badges for a very affordable low cost monthly payment.