Winter Safety Tips For Your Company

Winter is the most wonderful time of year, but if you aren’t prepared for the safety hazards that come with the season, winter may be cause for injury, sickness, and lack of productivity at work. In this blog, we’re going to talk about several things you can keep in mind to maintain your employees’ health, happiness, and productivity while giving you some peace of mind. In this blog, we’re going to talk about several ways you can prepare for the cold weather as well as some safety tips that you can implement into your safety program.


Dress appropriately

Regardless of the industry you’re a part of, dressing for the season is a must! Encourage your employees to wear layers, gloves, a hat, and boots if there’s a lot of snow.


Consider ice grippers

Any employees that work outside should be provided with ice grippers for their shoes. This is especially important for high-intensity labor jobs like package or mail delivery. With ice grippers, employees will feel more secure walking on ice and be more efficient in turn.



If your landscaping or janitorial service company who shovels and maintains a safe parking lot didn’t show up or did a poor job, don’t be afraid to take it upon yourself to look out for the safety of your employees. If you need help, don’t be afraid to ask an employee to grab a shovel and give you a hand.


Drive carefully

There’s nothing better you can do for your employees than ensuring they’re driving safely. Make sure you encourage employees to drive slowly and carefully and to remove all ice and snow off their car before leaving home, even if it gets them to work a little bit late.


Stay inside if possible

If it’s below zero and your employees have work they can do inside, you should allow them to work inside for as long as possible and make sure to minimize outside work as much as possible. If this isn’t possible, allow employees to take regular breaks inside to warm up.


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