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It’s easy to come to work every morning and expect to be safe, out of harm’s way. However, it’s not always that simple, even if you run an office that seems to be completely free from hazards. But that’s not always the case, and whether you’re an employee or an employer, you should always keep some things in mind to promote a safe work environment, in turn, making the world a safer place. In this blog, we’re going to talk about five ways you can help to create a safer work environment for you and your employees.



If you want to create a safe work environment, you need to start with a commitment. If you’re a manager, your commitment should be providing the proper safety training, as well as bolstering a community that will always put safety before anything else. This means putting a proper training program in place that will teach your employees all the necessary safety protocols while at work.


For different industries, this will mean entirely different things. For example, in the construction industry, this means teaching all your employees about how to use different machinery and tools safely while, at the same time, getting them all the required certification they need. In an office job, this could be as simple as teaching employees the proper way to use a paper cutter or showing them where designated smoking areas are. For employees, this means taking the safety commitment and protocol seriously and doing your best to share the knowledge with your workmates. All of this begins with a commitment, from everyone, to create a safe work environment.


Getting involved

It’s not always easy to maintain a safe work environment without getting involved and constantly reminding employees of hazards and safety protocol. One great way to keep the message alive is to get everyone involved. You should start by letting new employees know how important they are in maintaining and enforcing safety protocol so that they won’t be afraid to go out of their way to show others the correct procedures.


Another thing you can do is schedule events, parties, and meetings focused on the idea of safety in order to raise awareness for common safety issues in your industry. At the time, it may seem like overkill, but in the long-run, employees will feel more aware of safety concerns at work.


Don’t limit yourself

Although your primary concern should be keeping employees safe at work, you shouldn’t stop there. If you want to find other ways to help, consider raising awareness of drug and alcohol abuse, reckless driving, and the dangers of pollution. These are all things that can be prevented and you have the opportunity to influence a group of people (small or big) to make a change in the world. That’s a huge responsibility, but it’s possible as long as you create a culture that cares about safety!



Having a thorough and accurate training program in place for your employees is essential for many industries. You can try managing and administering these programs through your company, however, more often than not, it’s best to find a company that specializes in safety training.


Q Safety provides expert training services for the construction, oil & gas, mining, transportation, health care and general industries. With safety services such as safety training, safety consultation, safety inspections, safety audits, and safety program development available. Additionally, many of our courses can be taken online or in-house in either English or Spanish.  


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