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It can be overwhelming to decide what types of training that your business will need to go through in order to comply with all United States regulations. When it comes to Hazmat training, this course is designed for individuals that may be involved in handling or responsible for hazardous materials, leaks, spreads, spills, or accidental interactions that could damage personal life or health, properties, or the environment. Hazmat training is not optional, but required by law to train employees on the responsible and ethical ways of handling and transporting hazardous material in their day to day job. 


Specifically looking at DOT (Department of Transportation) Hazmat training in the US, all shipments that leave a facility must comply with the US DOT Hazardous Materials Regulations (49 CFR). Therefore, training is a mandatory requirement for all managers and employees who prepare hazardous materials for transport. Be aware that ignoring these regulations can result in thousands of dollars of fines per day and per violation. Training programs include key models on how to identify Hazmat, how to handle and transport them, and how/what precautionary measures must be taken according to the set standards of the industry.  

There tends to be a large number of people that may be involved, both directly and indirectly, in the processing of hazardous materials. As a general rule for operators, anyone in the workforce that is involved in the process and handling of hazardous materials must undergo the DOT Hazmat training. Ensuring that all your employees are trained on the proper handling can save you time, money, and potential lawsuits being filed against you. No matter if you work through ground, air, or ocean transportation, DOT Hazmat training is a must. You will want to train all individuals involved in the following:

  • Purchasing or packing for materials
  • Preparing the package 
  • Paperwork and label placement 
  • Signing off on paperwork, including sending hazardous waste
  • Loading and unloading of materials 
  • Selling, testing, reconditioning, repairing, and modifying packaging for materials
  • Screening baggage, cargo, or mail
  • Transportation of materials 
  • Operation of vehicles transporting materials 
  • Accepting of the materials 
  • Supervision of any of the above

The processing, handling, and transporting of hazardous materials has the extreme potential to put the employees and those around them in danger if the materials have not been handled correctly. Training focuses on all measures that can be taken in order to prevent those life-threatening situations that may arise. Among other OSHA regulations, DOT Hazmat training aims to prevent workplace accidents and educate the employees on how to protect themselves while on the job. Companies that are regulated to have this training must ensure that they are following the guidelines in order to create a safe workplace. 

Workers are required to complete this training within 90 days of hire and must refresh this knowledge every three years. At Q Safety Consultants we offer DOT Hazmat training as well as a number of other OSHA, MSHA, EM385, DOT,IMDG, HAZWOPER, PEC, H2S, Fall Protection and more. With trainings that take place in a classroom and online trainings, you are guaranteed to find a training program that works with your business and its needs. Contact Q Safety Consultants today to get a quote.