H2S Training For The Oilfield

H2S Training

Knowledge is very important and this applies to everything under the sun. In this segment, we are going to learn about H2S gas and why it is important to take this training. Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) is a naturally occurring and goes by other names such as;

  • Hydro-sulfuric acid
  • Stink damp
  • Sulphuretted hydrogen
  • Sulphur hydride
  • Dihydrogen monosulfide
  • Hepatic gas and
  • Sewer gas among others.

It is also considered a by-product of decomposition and is found in crude petroleum, natural gas, hot springs and volcanic gas. Where petroleum refineries, food processing, solid waste disposal and waste water treatment plants are concerned, anthropogenic sources of this gas are to be found. This is why industries involved in oil and gas, from extraction to refining, are the ones that suffer the most exposure to H2S.

What you need to know about H2S gas is that it is a highly poisonous, toxic, colourless and flammable gas, which smells of rotten eggs. However, when it is highly concentrated, this gas is characterised by a sweet odor that is barely detectable by humans.

Hazards associated with H2S

First and foremost, you need to understand that human exposure is through contact with eyes, skin or respiration. Life threatening situations such as convulsions, shock, and coma, inability to breathe, rapid unconsciousness and death may occur and this is upon exposure to high levels of H2S which is more than 100 ppm. When exposed to moderate levels, one experiences severe headaches, vomiting, nausea and respiratory irritation among other symptoms.

H2S is also highly flammable, which is why it is important to sign up for the training  to be certified for the job. H2S gas awareness for those in the oil and gas industry is vital and this is in regards to OSHA regulations, which requires persons to renew their training every year.

Upon completion of the training, you will understand more about H2S gas and how best to safeguard yourself if exposed. You will also learn the various safe work practices and how to recognize symptoms associated with exposure. This will then enable you to effectively tackle emergency procedures when it comes to this gas.

So take the course, it’s 100% online so that in the event that you find yourself working in an oilfield in the eagle ford shale around San Antonio, TX or anywhere else, you will very well know the hazards associated with H2S and how best to guard yourself. Be safe! We also have classroom training that meets or exceeds the new ANSI Z390.1-2017.

Online Course: H2S Gas Awareness

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