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How to Start

  • Step1 - Sign Up
  • Step 2 - Login to get your affiliate link
  • Step 3 - Share your link via social, email, text etc.
  • Step 4 - Clients visit our website and make a purchase.
  • Step 5 - Get notified by email automatically by the system when a sale is made!
  • Step 6 - Login weekly to Check your Affiliate Dashboard and track all earnings!

How it Works

  • Your affiliate link will track anyone who clicks on the link for 60 days. If a purchase is made on our website, you get paid!
  • We have multiple products on our sites! That means there is plenty of hooks in the water!
  • We believe in 100% transparency so you can see and track all your sales 24/7.

Q Safety Affiliate Program

  • 25% Commission on every sale/payment

*Terms and restrictions apply with any affiliate program.

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Are you...

  • A Human, Lol
  • A recent GED, high school or college graduate
  • A industry professional looking for a business opportunity
  • A person looking to start a safety career or wanting to retire early
  • A company safety manager looking for recurring income while still employed
  • A site safety coordinator or SSHO looking to cash in on your industry connections
  • A project manager or superintendent who likes money!