Oil and Gas Safety

An image of metal pipes.

The oil and gas industry is a huge booming business, which makes it extremely important to keep our oil and gas workers safe. It’s also important because any job in the oil and gas industry is considered to be one of the highest risk jobs for injuries and fatalities as compared to other industries in the United States. The constant pressure of efficient productivity due to the high cost of oil and gas projects and time off or away from the job can take a heavy toll on the industry and the workers. Because of this, it’s important to keep these job sites safe and the employees safe. 


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In this blog post, we are going to be discussing some of the ways that you can give your employees the safest environment within the oil and gas industry. 


Collaborate With Local Emergency Response 

Develop a relationship with local emergency responders and organizations in order to establish a consistent flow of communication with a higher level of safety. When you work with them it opens the door for collaboration between the two. Meaning that the first responders and your company will be able to work together and utilize whatever resources are available in order to be ready to handle any type of emergency in a quick and effective environment. Discuss any specific health and safety hazards that may exist at the location and determine how both of you can help each other during these emergencies. Give them a tour of the drilling site so that they have a better approach of how to handle these situations. 


Keep Your Site Up To Standards

While there are standards that are upheld by the law, it’s important to keep your site up to standards and clear of any unnecessary items to prevent any trips, falls, or other forms of hazards that may form. It’s also important to implement signs that direct workers to various emergency equipment and procedures. 


Monitor The Mental Health Of Your Workers 

Another large effect of creating a safe environment in your workplace is the worker culture. Especially within these fields, there seems to be a large “tough guy” exterior that is stereotypically expected. By creating a work environment that promotes transparent and open environments through different training techniques and team exercises. Building a sense of community and trust with your workers, it will be able to give your site a safer environment


Invest In A Safety Program That Works

By investing in a program that works, it allows your workers to understand the most important aspects of safety within that field. It also will be reassured that everyone who is involved is trained on the exact same protocols and will be able to know what to do in various situations. 


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