Self Paced Online Safety Training VS. Webinar Safety Training Who Wins?

They both have their unique place in the marketplace, but for webinar training’ sake let’s say this if we were speaking to a client:

  • Live is live beat that!
  • Students get the benefit of live interaction and feedback
  • Students leave the course having their questions answered
  • Online training is self paced and requires time and commitment to finish the course
  • Webinars quiz and certify workers through polls, surveys, and exams and leave the course prepared more in depth
  • Webinars provide unique safety culture insight through lecture and practical examples thus a safer, more informed workforce
  • Downside to a lot of online training if student does not pass the quiz no certificate is issued
  • Some workplaces and projects want students to take a course with a live instructor not online training on your own!
  • The list can go on and on….

Just some thoughts….